Online Day Pass Payment Instructions

Don't have cash, check, or a day pass card? Pay for your day pass during non-Open Hours (not staffed).


  • Payment is only for non-Open Hours (not staffed)

  • Only pay 2

  • Your vote counts! During our annual member meetings, you’ll get to vote how the Co-op is run

  • Opportunity to join the MNCC Board of Directors

  • Sponsor up to three guests during non-Open Hours**


  • Payment is only for non-Open Hours (not staffed)
  • Fill out envelope as usual
  • Make online payment below
  • Write the last four letters of your PayPal receipt. For example...

MEMBER POLICY Members will be notified of changes to facility or member policies, and these policies will be posted in the facility and the website. Each Access Pass grants one member access to the Co-op. Access Passes are non-transferable. Key fobs will be issued to Members who have purchased a One Month Access Pass or more. There is a one time key fob setup fee of $10. Yearly Access Pass holders receive a complimentary key fob. Members with a key fob may bring up to three (3) guests. Guests must fill out waiver and receive an orientation. Each Guest must purchase a $10 Day Pass in order to climb.

* Requires one visit per year to maintain membership status

** Members must have an Access Pass or be accompanied by an Access Pass holder to sponsor Guests during non-Open Hours.