Important Notices (Updated 10/17)

Open Hours
Open Hours will resume on Tuesday, October 17th.

How to Access Co-op
Use the normal building entrance near the Co-op (dock 5, 6, 7).

Thorp Building Construction
To help maximize parking spots, catch up on the dock 8/9 delay, and still keep the back lot project moving forward, the contractors will focus most of this week’s work in the current Phase 1 area. Please see the maps below for specifics in work zones and parking restrictions. The city will be paving 18th Avenue tomorrow morning on our side between Quincy & Central, between 7am-12pm. Afterwards, Dock 5,6,7 will be open, access to the man door will be re-instated and local traffic will be allowed on 18th 

This Wednesday (10/18) and Thursday (10/19) cranes will be setup to lift five RTU’s on the Thorp Building. Access to the 1620 south lot will be restricted all day Wednesday, and for a few short hours at Dock 5,6,7. On Thursday, please do not park along the exterior wall of the 1618 building or the middle “island” to allow for crane access. These areas will be caution taped off for your convenience.

phase 1.2

Crane Map

Air Conditioning
We started the initial process of installing AC in the Co-op this week. Please note that part of the wave wall and cave will be closed until Friday but the rest of the walls are open.

AC construction

18th Ave Reconstruction Project
Park Construction plans to begin installing concrete curbs between Central & Johnson this Wednesday, October 18th. This will be followed with pouring driveway and alley aprons this week. Access will be blocked to driveways directly accessing 18th Avenue starting Wednesday 18th.

What to Expect
On Wednesday morning (weather permitting) the curbs will be placed via machine along one side of the street and back down the other side between Central and Johnson. They will need to set up string lines across driveways so please ensure cars are moved to side streets before Wednesday morning.

After this has been completed, the crew will set up formwork on the driveways and pour concrete starting on the south side and then the north side of the street. It will require 7 days from placement for the concrete to reach sufficient strength to be driven over, by which time the contractor will reinstall the temporary gravel ramps.

Visit our website and social media channels for updates.

Thanks for your patience,